Find a Tax Expert Directory: NAEA’s directory uses state-of- the-art search functions so that prospective clients can find your practice, based on the type of service you offer and your location. One new tax or representation client will more than pay your annual dues … forever!

Quality Continuing Education: NAEA and its state affiliates offer tax preparation, representation, and practice management courses at discount to members. If you do not have time to attend a seminar, NAEA offers online courses as well as Continuing Education quizzes through the EA Journal. The NAEA conferences are offered twice a year at discounts up to $160 to members, including the National Tax Practice Institute.

Networking with other EAs across the US and beyond: Through NAEA’s forums, conferences, seminars, and state affiliate meetings, members can network with other EAs within their state and around the country. Knowledgeable colleagues are always available to help you solve complex federal and state tax issues.

EA Advocacy: Throughout the year, NAEA staff provides their expertise to resolve EA licensure issues that could impact your ability to practice as an EA. NAEA has been instrumental in passing federal legislation to recognize the EA as well as preventing states from limiting ENs ability to practice. NAEA’s non-partisan PAC affords NAEA a seat at the table with US Senate and House tax-writing committee leadership.

Practice Management: NAEA provides members with client newsletters, presentations to promote your business, sample letters, fee agreements, as well as discounted promotional services such as website development and phone recording. A discounted website from GetNetSet saves members $189.00 annually.

Timely Tax Information: NAEA’s E@lert is a weekly e-newsletter with timely updates on the latest tax news. The bi-monthly EA journal provides in depth articles, insights into tax issues and cutting edge trends, and practice management tips.

Tax Research: NAEA provides members with a searchable tax database answering the most frequently asked questions on a wide variety of tax topics.

Promotion: NAEA is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of EAs at the national level through its meetings with congressional leaders and IRS management and at the local level through the promotional activities of its affiliates.

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